10 Tips to Stay Healthy While Ordering Out

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I love   , but we all know how easy it is to gorge on food that we really shouldn’t be putting into our bodies if we want to stay fit and healthy. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help us eat healthy while still indulging in the convenience of food delivery. These are the tips that I use to keep my hectic life guilt fee an I’d like to now give them to you

  1. Never be timid about asking for healthier substitutions and subtractions. A good restaurant will have no issue and will be happy to help you enjoy a healthier life. Any place that gives you guff for asking about substitutions or subtractions doesn’t deserve your business. There are plenty of others out there.
  2. Always cut the mayo. That should be obvious as mayo is a nasty and calorie ridden spread of little true value in a sandwich or dish. Ask if they have avocado and yellow mustard. I know it sounds wacky, but mashed avocado and a squirt of yellow mustard turns into a zesty, creamy mayo substitute that you will never turn your back on.
  3. Plan out your meals in advance and count out the calories. Ordering food delivery is too often the final thought of a person at the whims of a grumbling stomach. Planning your meals in advance will help you avoid making bad food choices.
  4. On top of planning out the content of your meals, you should plan out your meal schedule. Sticking to an eating schedule makes all the difference. The best schedule is 6 small meals spaced evenly throughout the day, but that’s pretty much impossible for the working stiff. Setting a schedule will at least ensure that you do eat and that it won’t be at 1AM
  5. When you get your food delivery, set half of it aside, pack it up and put it in the fridge. Not only does it ensure a healthy and well portioned meal for lunch the next day but it also prevents you from gorging.
  6. Order while you are still at work and time the delivery for just a little bit after you get home. Once you do this a couple times you’ll be able to time it almost perfectly for your arrival at home. This is great because it reduces the chances for snacking while you wait for your food to arrive.
  7. Always avoid a side of fries and see if they will substitute a salad. On the same note, learn to love salad. It’s your new side of choice.
  8. Regarding that salad, make sure to get the dressing on the side. This is a good rule of thumb for all sauces and dressings. Whether it’s on a salad or a sandwich, asking for the sauce on the side can make a huge difference. That salad goes from a negative calorie side to a 300 calorie snack in short order with the addition of the average dressing.
  9. Don’t order soda with your food delivery. You should cut soda out of your diet anyway, but it’s always cheaper to get a huge bottle of soda than it is to have a 20oz and that encourages binging. Water is always a better option.
  10. Speaking of water, drink a full glass of water before each meal. This is just good advice regardless of whether or not you are ordering out. It’s a good habit to get into that ill reduce your cravings, hydrate you better and help with portion control.


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