Massage that really helps with headaches and colds

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Using the techniques of ancient Asian wisdom, known as yoga for the fingers, you can alleviate a headache, get rid of stress, back pain and fatigue.


At the ancient Indian “wise” means “seal that brings joy.” In many Asian countries, this type of yoga used for the removal of spiritual and bodily ailments. This does not have to surprise you, because it is at the fingertips of nearly 4,000 nerve endings through energy pathways, meridians, linked to all organs. I just need to learn how to activate them. Pressing the individual surfaces of the hands or fingers can strengthen your immune system, to relieve stress, soothe headaches … A wise exercise will help you get rid of blockages in the body, and your life will be peaceful energy to flow.

massage-that-really-helps-with-headaches-and-colds-1Get rid of headaches
When your head hurts, do not reach for the pills, because you can remove the headache completely and efficiently by using the following wise. Connect the tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of both hands. Bend the ring finger and little finger is correct. Gently press the pads at the same time slowly and deeply breathe in and out. Repeat this mudra three times a day for five minutes. Exercise your eyes closed because you are so quickly relax.
Extra Tip
Energy point of the neck and shoulders lies between the small and ring finger. Pinch the part five times, and then he gently massage with circular movements.

massage-that-really-helps-with-headaches-and-colds-2Beat Back Pain
If you sit constantly at work, believe and you belong to those who often feel a sharp pain in his back. The problem will be resolved outside light massage left thumb, from root to tip. Do the same thing with my thumb the other hand. That will soothe the nerves in the spinal cord. To make the exercise more efficient, remove all jewelry from hands.
Extra Tip
To win low back pain in the stomach that are associated with PMS, massage gently and alternately small folds of the fingers, each about a minute. This massage has a calming effect on the uterus and ovaries.

massage-that-really-helps-with-headaches-and-colds-3Restore energy
After a hard day’s work are often tired and exhausted. Next wisely will help you to master. Connect the tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger and gently press. Other fingers extended. To achieve real results, this wise apply 5 – 20 minutes.
Extra Tip
To enhance the effect of this exercise, fingertip massage your palms alternately, starting from the root to the tip toes. Repeat this exercise every three hours, as it calms the nervous system.


Strengthen immunity
If you have a cold, it will help these exercises. Light pressure gently massage the upper middle joint of the middle finger and index finger of one minute. You can also entangle fingers of both hands, and rub them so three seconds. Repeat this several times a day to activate the lymphatic system, eject toxins and strengthen the immune system.
Extra Tip
The tip of the thumb of his right hand heavily press about three minutes top right index finger and middle finger. After that change hands. Do exercise several times a day.

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