How to lose weight after childbirth

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Moms who are nursing should not starving, so they are encouraged to eat as often as possible, but a bit. They should avoid fried and fried foods, and to be patient because the girl’s stature should return at least six months, say nutritionists.

Despite the happiness you feel for the birth of a healthy, true and perfect child who is developing nicely, many mothers suffer from excess weight that they stayed after pregnancy. They are not easy to pull off, especially not in the short term, without rigorous dieting and exhausting exercise that prohibit doctors.
- Young mothers should eat a variety of foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Their menu should be enough dairy products and lean meats, fruits and vegetables, especially if you are breastfeeding a baby.
If the child sucks, the mother should not be hungry and upset because the baby will certainly be felt. However, we should not exaggerate the intake of empty calories, which are rich in sweets and soft drinks. It is very important that you get enough fluids, preferably water, both for themselves and the baby.
- If you want to lose weight quickly after giving birth, women should eat cooked foods or foods cooked on an electric grill in foil or a baking bag. Every day should eat a variety of soups and soups, and is ideal for preparing salad instead of sunflower oil using olive oil – advise our interlocutors.

Breastfeeding burn calories
Numerous studies have shown that women who are breastfeeding consume about 500 calories a day just to milk production, how much is spent if you run a mile. That’s why some nutritionists advise mothers during breastfeeding enter additional 500 calories a day, which does not apply to women who are pregnant too gained weight or were overweight before pregnancy. In their case the extra calorie intake should be less.
- On the other hand, mothers who do not breastfeed more easily because they do not have to lean to constantly worry that you bring enough food and whether they will have enough milk for the baby. One can start early to practice, but just two months after giving birth because so much time is needed for the body to recover. It is very important that women do not burden the number of pounds that should be removed, and bear in mind that they need it for at least six months.

The foods you should avoid
Some foods affect the taste and odor of milk, so they should be avoided, as babies do not begin to boycott breastfeeding. Here’s what nursing should not take:
• Oranges, lemons and grapefruit
• Pepper and garlic
• Broccoli and cauliflower
• Beans and peas
• Mushrooms
• Soda
• Alcohol and cigarettes

The menu for the day
A bit of muesli, yogurt cups, and a few grains of raisins.
Seasonal fruit.
Bowl of soup, 150 grams of chicken meat, 50 grams of brown rice cooked in water and a salad of fresh peppers with olive oil.
A slice of whole grain bread, a cup of low-fat yogurt, low-fat piece of cheese and salad of beets, carrots, and celery with olive oil.

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