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Take a few minutes every morning for breakfast. Try it, worth it. You will be more fierce, healthier, better mood, and work more efficiently.

In modern society, most people start their day without breakfast and hurried to work starting at 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning. If the breakfast on the way to work or on a break scheduled for this purpose, usually choose from a repertoire of “fast” food (bakeries, kiosks etc..).
Breakfast is an important meal and worth to invest some time to give yourself high morning meal that will provide energy for working hard in the morning, and will not adversely affect the health. So spare a few minutes every morning for breakfast.
If we just change your habits and invest a little effort, Hranice healthy, regardless of the requirements of modern life.

A few useful tips that will save you time and extra work for the benefit of your better health:
- Make a mixture of cornflakes, muesli and dried fruit and wrap them individually in bags in the quantity 2/3 to one cup. Such a packed store them in your kitchen, and a few bags can keep at work and in the car. All preparations will be relegated to let them pour yogurt or fruit juice.
- Preparation of sandwiches toasted bread, cream, ham and vegetables or if you like a sweet version, with a little butter and jam, require very little time if they are already “at hand” in the kitchen. If you do not like to eat breakfast early in the morning, immediately upon waking, this breakfast you can take with you and eat it later.
- While we have breakfast, make sure you bring along a fruit. Three hours after breakfast, it will be a great snack and energy fees for tiring day. Apples, oranges and bananas will fit into any purse. Just in case, if you forget to bring a piece of fruit at work or car allow plenty of dried fruit instead.
- Have you ever in your handbag, car or office is a few industrial-made pieces of cereal and fruit. If you’re in a hurry, it will serve as a meal.

Several proposals for a quick breakfast prepared:
- Sandwich with butter and jelly sandwich, a cup of yogurt or fruit juice (preparation time: 1 minute)
2/3 cup cornflakes and / or muesli with dried fruit in 200 ml of low fat yogurt or fruit juice (preparation time: half a minute)
- A boiled egg, a slice of ham, toast, tea (Preparation time: 5 minutes);
- Sandwich with low fat sour cream, cheese and lettuce or tomatoes, tea or yogurt (preparation time: 1 minute)
- Product made of cereal and fruit and / or dried fruit, if you’re just a big hurry (Preparation time: a few seconds to open the packaging)

Prepare a healthy meal for the job

Sandwich of whole grain bread with tuna, chicken or turkey, with lots of lettuce in it, instead of mayonnaise, restores depleted energy capacity, and provide your body the necessary nutrients.
If you have the ability to order food or if you dine in the restaurant select the foods that will energize the body, instead of being deducted. Opt for vegetables, and for turkey or fish. Avoid breaded and fried food, especially Do not make the solutions for burgers in a bun or similar variants of fast food.

List of foods that should be in the kitchen to carry out work in your new decision:

- Yogurt
- Fruit Juice
- Toast the bread (preferably whole wheat)
- Lean ham
- Low fat sour cream
- Marmalade fruit with lower sugar content
- Cornflakes / muesli
- Product made of cereal and fruit
- Fruits (apples, oranges, bananas, fresh or dried apricots and prunes, dried figs …
- Tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers (depending on season)

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