What to eat to regulate hormones

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In the premenstrual period, most women is unbearable. Hormones cause us shaking and constant mood swings and constant hunger pangs. Similar symptoms accompany women during ovulation and menopause and nutritionists advise which foods should you eat in those periods to cope with hormones and alleviate these symptoms. Carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and sweets are products whose use should be to minimize all of these stages.

Premenstrual cycle: beans and peas
In this period the average body requires more than 200 extra calories, and therefore are much more frequent hunger strikes. A few days before the menstrual cycle, avoid sugar, sweets and coffee to avoid mood swings. Eat complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, legumes, and whole wheat products. These foods can reduce fatigue and to regulate blood sugar levels.

Ovulation: fish and nuts
During ovulation women at least have hunger pangs because elevated estrogen levels in the blood reduces this feeling. If you want to get pregnant, the chances of this are greatest during this period, eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as mackerel, herring and salmon. The diet and incorporate foods that contain healthy fats, such as nuts, pumpkin seeds and flax. From the menu, try to remove foods with additives and artificial colors as they contribute to hormonal imbalance.

Menopause: milk, carrots and red wine
Most menopausal women are deficient in calcium, which is the main cause of osteoporosis. Enter as many of the minerals, and research scientists from Columbia University showed that 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day significantly reduces cravings and depression. The amount of calcium found in three large glasses of milk. You are allowed a glass of red wine for antioxidants. The bones are kept and foods rich in vitamin K, such as cauliflower, cabbage, carrots and spinach.

Estrogen is at the highest level during the time of ovulation, which is the 14th days after the start of the menstrual cycle.
Progesterone government female body after ovulation until menstruation.
Testosterone its values are constant and do not depend on the phase of the cycle.

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