Beware of ovarian inflammation

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Dress in warm, because the ovaries react to cold weather. T-shirts and short pants with shallow waist are modern, but do not protect the stomach from the cold. Go to your regular gynecological examinations, because if there is any infection in the lower genital area, it can be easy to reach the ovaries.

Inflammation of the ovary is one of the most common gynecological problems, because any bacterial infection from the lower genital area can reach the internal reproductive organs. Weakened immune system tends to spread the infection further and Gynecologists advise that in future, when the days are cooler, so dress warm because you are saving the health of the genital organs. For ovaries specifically that they like warmth and heat. T-shirts and pants with a shallow profession are modern, but do not protect the stomach from the cold.

What causes infection
Of course, the dressing is not the main reason for the occurrence of inflammation. In addition to the inherited susceptibility to these infections, it is important to sexual behavior.

  • When unprotected sex partners exchange their bacterial flora and that path can come up chlamydia infection, gonococci and other bacteria. They do not fit the vagina acidic environments, so they go deeper through the cervix to the ovaries.
  •  Some gynecological interventions that work for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, as well as abortions and porađaji, may also open the way to catch fire.
  • Inflammation of the ovaries could be caused by the wearing of a spiral, and women who use it as a method of contraception at least once a year should control health of the genital organs.
  • The ovaries can reach the infection of organs located near the genitals. In front of the uterus of the bladder, behind the colon, right ovary and near the appendix. If there is inflammation of any of these organs, bacteria due to the ovaries.

Pain is the first symptom
Acute inflammation of the ovaries monitored tension and pain in the lower abdomen, in some cases there is fever and weakness. The pain is usually localized to the left or to the right in the lower abdomen, and it is characteristic that spreads to the leg. In the initial phase of pain does not have to be so strong, that’s why they are put off going to the gynecologist.
Enhanced secretion may be one of the first symptoms of inflammation of the ovaries, but it can not reliably point to this problem. The ovaries are located in the pelvic cavity in the abdomen, and taking a swab from the vagina is often impossible to find the real cause of the inflammation.
In addition, chronic inflammation of the symptoms are not as pronounced, the pain is almost gone, and the discharge can vary or even disappear.

Treatment with antibiotics
To obtain the clinical picture of the ovaries, it is necessary to do a gynecological examination and ultrasound of the pelvic organs, and blood and urine.
Treatment of ovarian inflammation may enforce the gynecologist only after thorough research and find the real cause of the inflammation.
It is mostly a long process that can not be interrupted even if all symptoms disappear.
The most commonly prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics that cover all known pathogens.
Extremely important to the inflammation of the ovaries during untreated, it can lead to permanent consequences. In the worst case it can cause infertility. It is therefore essential that, as soon as symptoms appear, which indicate inflammation of the ovaries should seek the help of gynecologists.

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