Alleviate flu in 24 hours

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Colds in this part of the year are inevitable, and not many people can afford a longer rest. Scientists have created a plan by which you can recover in just 24 minutes if you follow the timetable when and what to do.


07.00 – Showering with warm water
If you wake up clogged nose, a mild headache and chills, then you should immediately go into the shower. A warm bath or shower will help to equalize body temperature.

08.00 – Healthy breakfast full of vitamins
Nutrition is very important on the road to healing, and make orange juice and insert a handful of berries full of antioxidants in muesli or porridge.

10.00 – Inhalling
When we have a cold or runny nose neprestao or completely blocked, breathing is difficult and leads to tension and pain in the sinuses and head. A good idea is to inhale above the court with hot water to which you’ve added a couple of bags of mint tea and chamomile, which will clear the airways.

12.00 – Going for a walk
Although it will be difficult to go out in cold weather, easy stroll before lunch can improve your mood and strengthen the immune system. In case you have a mild cold symptoms, you may be dealing with some physical activity that will also help you to feel better.

13.00 – Eat salad
At lunchtime, forget the snacks and sweets and instead choose a salad that will include some lean meat like chicken. Proteins help strengthen the immune system.

15.00 – Have a cup of tea
Teas and other hot drinks help to cleanse the accumulated mucus from the body. You can drink a glass of squeezed orange juice.

18.00 – Eat something spicy
When you are sick, just a little spicy evening meal. Ginger, pepper, garlic, chili peppers are well known for their antiviral and antibacterial effects, and the ability to purify the sinuses. These herbs help to solve the germs and cleanse the airways.

20.00 – Soak your feet in a warm bath
Finish the day by foot soak in a warm bath, so you can better relax and warm up before sleep.

22.00 – Sleep at least eight hours
For the body is important to recharge the batteries, which will help you sleep well. To keep your immune system try to go to sleep about the same time and get up every day. Avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee and alcohol late in the evening, do not watch TV and do not perform business tasks when you lie down in bed.

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