Remove The Belly In 6 Steps

nemke December 13, 2012 0

Diet nutritionist Marla Heller became a hit in the U.S., since it does not require counting calories, hours of running on a treadmill or an unhealthy diet. It is called DASH, reportedly after two weeks gives excellent results in removing fat from the abdomen. Just to follow these six steps.


1. Eat three meals a day, plus three snacks.
2. Avoid strenuous physical activity, instead, 30 minutes of daily exercise yoga or just walk.
3. Go in bed early.
4. Drink plenty of fluids, avoid caffeine, drink eight glasses of water a day (the same effect as a water and vegetable juice and herbal teas).
5. Enter a moderate amount of salted foods
6. Relax and be optimistic. Think on the positive effects of diet.

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