9 Symptoms you should not ignore

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Before the diagnosis, doctors tend to inspect man from the outside, because the body can see what happens in the body. Their valuable knowledge is importance to us.

The experience gained over a period of several thousand years, based on observation million patients from all over the world, shows that changes in the body may indicate internal disease. But if in this way find themselves with symptoms consistent with health problems, there is no reason to panic. The doctor will check your doubt. If you have previously been in doubt or even, perhaps, had a vague pain and similar symptoms, be sure to go to the doctor.

Changed color of nails
Nails should be pink and almost smooth. If you have yellowish or white, it’s a serious cause for alarm. Our nails need about a month to be increased two to three centimeters.
If you are missing important nutrients (eg, due to a disorder of metabolism), their color changes. Yellow color indicates liver disease (eg, hepatitis), and white nails could be the first sign of chronic inflammation of the intestine or kidney disease.

Striated nails
Thin longitudinal line, which is barely feel your fingers are harmless and probably indicate a lack of fluids. Conspicuous longitudinal ridges may be a sign of disturbances in metabolism, for example, diabetes or early dysfunction between acids and bases. Prominent transverse grooves may indicate psychological problems (stress, depression). Also in the case of acute infection, heart disease, or as a result of chemotherapy. In addition, they point to problems in the lower abdomen. White spots on the nails are harmless and occur as a result of the air in the nails.

Puffy eyes
Often swollen eyes are due to accumulation of fluid in the upper and lower eyelids. This occurs in the case of disturbance of renal function and bladder (acute and chronic inflammation). Both of these bodies regulate the water level in the body. Swollen eyelids can also be a sign of exhaustion and heart failure.

Expressed bags
Each of us sometimes have dark circles that may occur due to lack of sleep, fatigue, or simply excessive workload and stress at work. But if they last longer, which means over a period of several weeks, can point to various internal problems and some serious disorders in the body.
Blue-black circles under the eyes can occur as a result of a lack of iron in the blood. For example of improper diet or excessive bleeding during menstruation.
Brown-black eye circles indicate problems in the work of the liver and biliary disorders or sleep because of the misuse of tablets for sleep or nervous tension.

Dry and damaged hair
This phenomenon can be fleeting, and in this case it is quite normal. The culprit may be a new shampoo, problems at work, hormonal disorders (menstruation). However, if such a condition the hair for months, in addition to rapidly plump – though you have not changed anything in the diet – if you have a thicker neck, and skin roughness than usual, it may be a diminished function of the thyroid gland. It produces insufficient amounts of the hormone, which, for example, promote the metabolism of the cells. Therefore, the hair is not getting enough nutrients substances.

Yellow lines on the tongue
Healthy human tongue is pink and covered with a thin whitish film. But if deposits are thicker and have a yellowish color, then it often indicates a disease of the digestive tract. Thick whitish deposits, combined with stomach pains, usually a sign of stomach diseases – such as gastritis. Patches in different sizes indicate liver dysfunction or hormone secretion. Red lines in the language are often symptoms of liver malfunction. If deposits are only on one side of the tongue, then whether it is a nervous system ailments.

Deep wrinkles around the nose and mouth
The so-called nasolabial wrinkles start from the nostrils, and sometimes reaching up to the chin. There’s almost everyone, but not always so pronounced.
Asian medicine in them see the symptom of chronic diseases of the stomach (gastritis, for example). Especially if there is pressure in the upper stomach (especially after eating or when hungry) or acid occurs after meals.

Cracked capillaries on the face
The thin red capillaries on the cheeks or nose generally indicates high blood pressure and a tendency to respiratory diseases.
Bluish capillaries in many cases indicate a weak heart. It is a sign that the heart does not pump enough blood to the blood does not get enough oxygen, so looks bluish.

Hair loss
Your hair is from day to day infrequent? Count all the hairs that fall off that day. It is normal to lose 60-100 hairs a day. The life cycle of a hair usually lasts about seven years. After that period, it wastes, making room for a new hair that grows from the same follicle.
Medical specialists in skin and hair to death in the hair loss problem only when you drop 60% of the hair, and that means every day is far more than a hundred hairs, that is if each time pulling out a fistful of hair brushes.
The causes may be hormonal disorder or disorder of metabolism (eg reduced or enlarged thyroid function, diabetes, symptoms of the menopause), lack of iron and protein, infectious diseases, high emotional strain, heavy metal poisoning or drugs. In this case, the hair root is not sufficiently supplied with nutrients and sometimes failing follicles from which hair grows. In women, hair loss indicates that there are not enough female sex hormones (estrogens), and that there is an excess of androgens (male hormones) in the body.

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