What do you drink when you’re stressed?

nemke October 9, 2012 0

Anxious, nervous, irritable, scared? Help is right here.

Nervousness as a result of hunger
Although you have a good breakfast this morning, but at 11 you got nervous, started to hose you growling and your mouth watering while you browse magazines with recipes.
Tomato juice will provide your body with vitamins and mineral salts, and also to fill the “hole in my stomach,” so that you will endure until lunch. But do not get too much salt if you want to avoid an unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach.


Anxiety over a business meeting or exam
Your hands are sweaty, your heart is pounding like crazy, can barely concentrate on what you want to say. Every five minutes running to the toilet, you voice issues and catches you panic at the thought of meeting or exam, interview, presentation …
Mineral water can help, but no more than one glass!
Do not forget to have diuretic properties, and another one going to the toilet is the last thing you need.
Your mouth after the rain water will be dry, and the blood will flow more easily through your veins, so that your brain and therefore work better.

Stomach cramps due to excessive liability
You fail, you are not able to, you simply can not get to work on time, to finish everything you planned to leave on time for children in kindergarten … Constantly feeling cramps in my stomach.
Drink a glass of milk. This drink contains tryptophan and kazeomorfine, which are substances that relax and may eliminate the anxiety and unpleasant colic. If you do not agree with the common taste of milk, make a smoothie of your favorite fruits.

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