Organic Tomatoes are Richer in Antioxidant Than Non-Organic

frogy July 10, 2012 0

Study coming out of the University of Barcelona implies that organic tomatoes have greater amounts of antioxidants than chemically-grown ones.

The Daily Mail sums up the research:

The team behind the latest study analyzed the chemical structure of the Daniela variety of tomato. They detected 34 different beneficial compounds in both the organic and conventional versions…However they found that overall the organic tomatoes contained higher level of the polyphenols. The scientists says this difference between organic and conventional tomatoes can be explained by the manure used to grown them.”

And an additional tangent, this time into language use. If you’re not already, let’s together create a pact that we will never use the phrase ‘conventional’ to describe non-organic agriculture. If you have on one hand organic agriculture, and there’s actually a legal definition of that specifying what is and isn’t organic, then conventional is not the opposite of that. Conventional doesn’t actually explain the agricultural methods themselves, except that today they are the norm. Non-organic works, as does chemical agriculture (sort of). Use whatever descriptor you like, but use one that actually describes the agricultural practices, not just their frequency of use.

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