Top 10 Skin Care Tips To Protect Your Face In Winters

Jyotsna November 22, 2011 3

Dry skin looks rough and unpleasant. If you wish to have healthy skin forever then you have to take good care of it every day. You should be very specific about the skin products you use. It is also essential to keep your skin clean to get rid of dirt. During winter it is essential to take extra care of your skin especially the face region as the facial skin is highly sensitive compared to the skin covering the body. Inappropriate care may lead to quick aging of your skin. This article presents you top 10 skin care tips to take care of your face in winters.

  1. Use moisturizer: Immediately after shower do not forget to apply moisturizer to your face along with the body. Many people do not consider using sunscreen lotion during winter season. But, the winter sun can also be hard on your skin. Hence, consider using moisturizer with SPF 30 protection immediately after shower. Moisturizer acts as a barrier and protects the skin from elements of environment. If you are not sure of which moisturizer to choose, consult your dermatologist. He will check the sensitivity of your skin and recommend an appropriate moisturizer. Never, try multiple moisturizers on your skin. Whenever you try a new moisturizer apply it to only on small portion and continue using it only if there is no allergic response. Another simple tip to lock the moisturizer of the skin is to use few drops of almond oil in water while bathing. However, make sure to choose non-clogging oils. To let the moisturizer percolate the skin pores massage your face thoroughly after applying the moisturizer.

2. Have sufficient sleep: Apart from having healthy diet and taking external care it is essential to have sufficient sleep to enjoy a healthy skin. Insufficient sleep leads to development of dark circles and wrinkles underneath the eyes. The body gets rejuvenated when you sleep. It is essential to have at least seven hours of sleep at night to have a healthy looking facial skin free of wrinkles and dark circles.

3.Have nutritious diet and plenty of water: unless the body is internally strong, external care will not give desired results. Hence, it is highly recommended to take nutritious diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants help in eliminating the toxic material off the body and enable you to have a healthy skin. Vitamins and minerals present in them help in nourishing the skin. Include foods that are rich in essential fatty acids such as flaxseed and fish oils to prevent skin from becoming dry. To keep the skin moist it is also essential to have plenty of water.

4. Wash your face regularly: never forget to wash your face whenever you go out of the house as you will be exposed to dust and a number of pollutants. If you do not wash the face, these pollutants block the skin pores and promote bacterial growth which in turn leads to development of pimples. Use lukewarm water to clean the face. Even if you stay at home, consider washing the face at least twice a day. However, use very mild soap to wash the face. It would be best wash the face without using soap.

5. Do not scrub the facial skin very often: Facial skin is very gentle and hence, you should also be very gentle towards it. Scrubbing definitely helps to remove the dead skin cells but extensive scrubbing can damage the skin.


6. Take care of lips: Lips get chapped during the winter season if they are not taken care properly. Apply lip balm to keep the lips moist and protect them against the harmful elements. Select lip balms with vitamin E to maintain good elasticity of lips. If you do not prefer to use lip balms, consider apply ghee or butter to lock the moisture of the lips.

7. Take good care of scalp skin: The problem of dandruff and dry scalp increases during winter season. If you have scalp psoriasis, consult your dermatologist well before the winter season begins and have medicated shampoos handy. Never use over the counter medicated shampoos as they might prove to be harmful and may even aggravate the problem. If you do not take good care of the scalp, the dandruff or the dry skin from the scalp falls on the forehead and the cheeks increasing the risk of pimples. Hence, for a healthy looking facial skin it is essential to take good care of scalp. 


8. Do not use very hot water: Never wash your face with very hot water. This will cause damage to the superficial lipid barrier of the skin and even causes capillary damage. As a result, the skin gets parched and also gets dehydrated very easily. Currently, there are number of face cleansing gels available in the market. They help to have a smooth and silky looking face. Select facial cleansing gels that are made of natural plant extracts and essential oils that suit your skin. Never, go for cheap products just to save few bucks. Few gels have chemicals that would be harsh on your skin and hence, read the labels carefully before using them. If you are above 40 years of age consider using facial gels with antioxidant facial oil. This will help to maintain your skin moist.

9. Grow indoor plants: In the winter season, heaters we use at home to keep the air warm cause the inner atmosphere and the skin dry. To prevent this consider using a humidifier or grow indoor plants to maintain the humidity levels in the house.


10. Use the right foundation: If you have the habit of using foundation then use the right one that best suits your skin in winter. It should not make your skin dry. Consider using water based and water resistant foundation that remains for hours. It is recommended to use foundation that is made of natural products.

Lastly, for a healthy looking facial skin it is recommended to consult dermatologist without negligence in case of skin allergies or diseases.

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