Top 10 Junk Foods To Avoid To Stay Healthy

Jyotsna November 30, 2011 0

In the past decade numbers of people suffering with health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiac problems increased greatly. This is mainly because of poor dietary habits and lifestyle. Though much cannot be done regarding the life style you can definitely take care of dietary habits to keep health problems under control. Poor dietary habits that are generally noticed include increased consumption of junk foods, eating at irregular times and eating either too less or too much of food. Here is a list of 10 junk foods to avoid if you want to maintain good health.

  1. Processed foods: Due to busy lifestyle many people are unable to spend time for cooking and are hence, relying greatly on processed foods. These foods are semi-cooked and can be had by heating them for few minutes in oven. However, processed foods are rich in sodium. As we all know increased consumption of sodium leads to cardiac problems. It is also found that processed meats that are preserved by smoking contain cancer causing agents. Hence, it is recommended to not have processed foods. Make it a habit to cook daily and eat when the food is hot.
  2. Donut: This is the most preferred food at work as you can have it on go and continue with work without waste of time. But, remember that if you are having a single donut then you are having nearly 19 grams of fat, 340 calories and 19 grams of sugar which is about one-third of the daily requirement. So, if you are having donuts regularly then you are at increased risk of becoming obese.
  3. Carbonated soda: Soda which is nothing but water mixed with sugar and artificial flavor is very bad for health. They are just rich in calories. With 20 oz of a drink you will be having 220 calories at once. The artificial colors and flavors included in them are also not good for health as they increase the risk of having cancer. Recently, few sodas were reported to have forbidden chemicals. Carbonated drinks do not have any nutritional benefits and in turn increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes.
  4. Fried foods: Fried foods such as chips and French fries are favorites for everyone irrespective of age. Whenever you order a meal at restaurant you will be given French fries as a complementary food. French fries which are made of potato are rich in calories, and fat. As some salt is also added to them they contain more sodium. Hence, they are rich sources of nutrients that aggravate the risk of health disorders. Apart from the fat and calories, fried foods also contain a chemical named acrylamide which is formed in foods when cooked at high heat. This acrylamide is a potent carcinogenic agent. Hence, it is highly recommended to restrict the consumption of fried foods.
  5. Burgers: This is favorite food for meat lovers. Burgers with double meat patties, bacon, excess of cheese and fried onions is the yummy food for many. However, it is rich in calories, fat and sodium. A single burger is found to have about 1,360 calories which is nearly half of the daily requirement. The sodium content is about 1,830 mg which is very high. Special sauces, mayonnaise and ketch-up that are used while having burgers are also loaded with calories.
  1. Canned foods: Canned foods such as soups may suffice your cravings but are very rich in sodium. One serving of canned soup is found to have very high sodium content that is equivalent to recommended daily allowance for one single day. Hence, people with high blood pressure and cardiac disorders should stay away from canned foods.
  2. Ice-cream: This is the favorite food right from toddlers to old aged people. The sight of ice-cream makes every one of us crave to have it. But, one serving of ice cream contains about 310 calories of energy and about 20 grams of fat. Like ice-creams frozen drinks such as coffee also have high calories. So, keep yourself away from frozen foods. These foods are not only poorly nutritious but may also trigger asthma attack in people who are sensitive to cold. So, these foods have to be strictly avoided.
  3. Pizza: Like burgers pizzas are also loaded with tones of calories. It is found that three slices of pizza contain about 2,500 calories of energy which is equivalent to one day requirement as recommended by FDA. Thus, it is highly essential to restrict your pizza consumption to just one piece.
  4. Candies: colorful candies such as jelly beans are the favorite for every child. But they are just made of sugar and colors which are not good for health. These candies may satisfy your sons craving for a candy but they increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes and tooth decay. Hence, it is highly recommended to keep your child off those colorful candies.
  5. Cakes: Cakes such as cheese cake is a delicious desert for everyone. However, they are rich in calories and fat which are not good for health. As can be seen from above most of these junk foods are rich in calories, fat and sodium, trio which increases the risk of various diseases. It may not be possible for teenagers to keep themselves away from these junk foods to avoid. It is not essential to completely avoid junk foods just have them in limited amounts. For example, if you had an ice cream in the afternoon, plan the rest of the day’s diet so as to compensate for those extra calories and fat. Similarly, if you love to have French fries, then take care of sodium intake in addition to calories and fat.

Lastly, to stay healthy it is recommended to include copious amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and hence, help to keep the diseases such as high blood pressure under control and also strengthen the immune system of your body. Make it a habit to have green tea instead of coffee.

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