What should you do when you have a cold, and what does not?

nemke January 18, 2013 0

Sneezing, stuffy nose, cold-temperature are typical for this time of year, and with a few tricks you can heal them and remedied as soon as possible.

Woman Holding a Mug with a Handkerchief to Her Nose

Medicaments: As soon as you notice that you catch a cold, see the additional vitamin C. They can prevent the flu flare up.

Plenty of water: Drink more fluids than usual. Water and tea are the perfect solution.

Resting:  At the first sign of cold symptoms at rest and stay at home. Except that before you recover, you will not infect other people.

What does not make sense to work with colds
Some tests have shown that zinc can strengthen the immune system, but an American institution, the Food and Drug Administration believes that it is not good, because the use can damage the sense of smell. Should be careful when taking vitamins. So, too much vitamin C can cause diarrhea.

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