Why we love the vices?

nemke March 5, 2013 0

The feeling of satisfaction helping people move, caring, success in business, physical exercise, and many others for us positively and constructive action.


However, the question is why as much, if not more, enjoying the vices.
There is no life without food, but the food is able to turn into a vice, and we are now in the midst of an epidemic of obesity.
Also without love is no life, but also love often turns into something destructive, and in Japan for the love pain gets sick as well as pneumonia. We also know how damaging alcohol and cigarettes, and yet it is hard to get rid of them.

When we meet the needs of any kind, and one that we can use and those that harm us, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is neurostransmiter that is activated when we experience a pleasant experience. Fast food, sex, marijuana, vodka and gambling make you feel good even if all this leaves a bad impact on our mental and physical health.
- Studies have shown that there is a neural link between vice and pleasure, is a vice, some believe, may be defined as the constant pursuit of pleasure – says David Linden of the University “John Hopkins” and author of “The Compass of satisfaction.”

All stimuli that trigger feelings of pleasure can develop a dependency. Whether it will happen and to what extent, depends on genetic factors, life experiences, environmental influences, stress, etc..
- When we asked gamblers, drug addicts, bulimics or sex addict to describe the satisfaction you feel when he indulge his vices, we could not determine what is true of all of them addicted – Linden explains, adding that this is so because the path and effects of the various vices similar products, but also for the fact that the vices are able to forever change the mode of operation of satisfaction.

The power of habit
According to experts, the dependence is caused by a reflex return the same things because we have learned to recognize as a source of pleasure. This mechanism works in the animal world, including in Ethiopia some animals eat coffee grains because they have learned that the caffeine in them a sense of satisfaction. Some other species like fermented fruit from which to derive alcohol or cannabis, while in Siberia, reindeer searching for hallucinogenic mushrooms because it turns them on – Linden explains.

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