5 Reasons Why Kissing Is Healthy

nemke January 31, 2013 0

Kisses are the most natural way to express your love to someone, but they are also very healing. Here are a few reasons why kissing is good for physical and mental health.

5 Reasons Why Kissing Is Healthy

Improving immunity
Frequent kissing is a way to strengthen your immune system. Kissing a woman can increase immunity to viruses that cause blindness in a newborn or other defects that might transmit their mother during pregnancy.

Burn calories
Minute of kissing burns 2 – 6 calories. If you eat chocolate or drink half a glass of wine you’ll have to kiss for at least an hour. That is a long time, but at least it feels good.

Strengthen the muscles of the face
Studies show that use 30 muscles while kissing. Kisses tighten skin on the face, especially the cheek muscles that you will not “fall” as you get older.

Kisses relax
Kisses releasing hormone oxytocin, which causes pleasure, tenderness and affection. It also causes the release of endorphins, which are hormones and hormone called loyalty, and by its properties is similar to morphine. This means that when we are in love we can behave similarly and that we are under “the influence” of some drugs.

Passionate kisses help oral health
How Dental Health Magazine says the long, passionate kisses cause a flow of saliva, which helps to mouth, teeth and gums are healthy. Additional liquid helps to get rid of food particles in your teeth and stimulates the immune system.

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