Great Tips For Quitting Smoking Easier

nemke February 10, 2013 0

Here are some useful tips to help you more easily overcome the crisis.


Drink lukewarm water
Lukewarm water is not what people want after a good meal. However, just warm water can help. Smokers, as is well known, they drink a lot less water than non-smokers. For some reason, under previously explained, the smokers react to every little thirst burning cigarettes, and their need for liquid quench mostly drinking coffee, soft drinks or alcohol. Lukewarm water that you take in the worst-crisis period kill the desire for a cigarette. Properly spaced sips of lukewarm water can this desire to minimize over several hours. At the same time, the water seems faster detoxification of the body and even the desire to smoke becomes dimmer over time. If you drink a lot of good healthy water during detoxification – cleansing your body of accumulated toxins will be less painful and shorter it will last.

Doing breathing exercises in the open air
The more time you spend in the fresh air, fresh air will be all the more necessary. In time, if you are lucky, smoky and dirty air will not annoy you to the point of avoiding the thought that might want to smoke.
Gained over the years used to dirty air will disappear faster if you do exercises for breathing in the fresh air. Such exercise is great, but the essence of all of them is to gently inhale and exhale while your chest alternately in different positions – forward tilt angle of the right and left to the back, just like moving clockwise. In addition to accelerating the detoxification of your body, breathing exercises, and will bring you an unexpected expense – your voice will make you shine. Specifically, they help opera singers from the lungs to extract heavy tones.

Face wash brings relief
It’s not clear how it manages to suppress showering cigarette cravings – but it definitely works. Experts say that all of the most recommended showering alternately hot and cold water. It is not necessary that the withdrawal period, you yourself still and cold showers. I was exposed to water, even washing your face usually brings great relief. If at the same time you have someone with whom you can practice, the better. The game belongs to the childish things, just what the best solution for the problem of tension.

Surround yourself with the scents
Quitting smoking is a moment of discovery for all the senses, especially to the two – the sense of smell and taste. Time smoking is actually almost odorless age. Just think of all those sinusitis, bronchitis, and sneezing. Remember that your palate is still needed something spicy food than your family members. But, fortunately, the time has finally helmeted nicotine for you. While you stop smoking, you will feel ancient, almost forgotten scents. Since it comes from the depths of your memory, these scents will often be accompanied by very strong emotions. At first, it may scare you, but after a while you realize how easily you can distract her sense of smell of nicotine elder. Yes, it’s great when your bedroom smells of orange blossom, and the bathroom on the salty seaweed and waves.

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