Prepare Your Body For Spring

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As winter passed, it’s time to throw hard and warm clothes, strong and oily foods, and the accumulated weight. The first sunbeams tempt us to go outside, to become active and move more. To prepare for the spring and use what nature gives us, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition and fitness.


Nutritionists point out that every body needs time to adjust to the spring, so it is essential to reduce energy intake.
- Forget the sweets, and products made ​​from wheat and corn flour, as dough, pasta, should be kept to a minimum. Drink milk, but only 1.6 to 2.8 percent milk fat. Fat cheese you should not consume, and use only the cheese from 10 to 15 percent fat.
The nutritionist explains that spring is the season when you need to eat only lean meats, fish and seafood, which is a major source of iodine and should be on the table three times a week.
- Fats are healthy and mandatory for every woman, but a maximum of 10 grams a day. In addition to oil and the need pork fat, which does not fattening, and most in need of young organisms.

It is very important to try to enrich our spring diet with as many fresh picked seasonal greens. For this we can use cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli. But, don’t forget the food from the previous season, grown on the healthier and properly guarded, or those freshly picked from the garden: beets, carrots, and parsley root, pumpkin, garlic and onions, leeks, parsnip, radish, spinach…
- With the spring comes fresh fruits and vegetables that contain the maximum value of vitamins and minerals. However, in addition to seasonal fruits should still eat apples and oranges which have all year. With all of this come out, because the sun and the walk will also affect mood and physical health. The more you walk, and you are fit.

Healthy eating rhythm
- Breakfast is compulsory and then to eat cereal and a glass of milk products. Snack of fruit, while the healthiest lunch of grilled piece of meat and a salad of seasonal vegetables. Then follows another fruit snack, and dinner for they also recommend milk product or a piece of meat on the grill with some bread and salad. If you go to bed after midnight, eat one piece of fruit in order to maintain the level of sugar in the blood.

Walk and exercise in nature
Nice and sunny days are just calling you to go out for a run through the woods or park, which also has positive effects on people suffering from depression and anxiety. Ride your bike, jog or just walk around in nature. Physical activity relaxes in nature, trees and greenery provide cleaner air and exercise is more effective, because the body gets more oxygen.

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