The perfect recipe: Exercise for 30 seconds and have an ideal line

nemke January 11, 2013 1

Thinking of rigorous dieting? Scientists offer a revolutionary solution. They argue that the line slender enough to practice 30 minutes a day, a week or three minutes.

The perfect recipe - Exercise for 30 seconds and you have an ideal line

Strenuous exercise of shorter duration has the same effect as a longer workout. The scientists from the University of Nottingham, Birmingham and Bath, argue that it is enough to run three strong vigorous exercise for 30 seconds, and recommend exercise bike, jogging in place or a quick run up and down stairs. After half a minute of a strong effort, it is recommended to rest for 60 seconds, and then the same exercise should be repeated two more times.
Scientists admit they still do not fully understand why that would explain why a short and intense exercise produces the same results as the classic, but noted that this exercise regimen even reduces appetite.
- This exercise increases metabolism and builds muscle that encourage work – said the expert training Jamie Timmons.

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