13 Things You Must Do In 2013.

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The new year is here, so next thing that is changing in your life, and you do yourself some positive changes. Sometimes small and seemingly insignificant actions make your everyday life better.


1. Start with Zumba: The explosion of music, high energy and continuous movements Zumba classes are incredibly entertaining. Studies have shown that a Zumba workout helps to burn up to 300 calories.

2. Cook for yourself: Say goodbye to deliver fast food. Choose a month – whatever – and make it at home preparing all meals, from breakfast to dinner. Although it does not look easy, will make a great thing for your monthly expenses. You have plenty of food in restaurants and fast food stores? Then ignore this advice.

3. Save on travel: Even if you are traveling with a group of people, be sure to take the time for yourself. If you are a morning person, get up before the others and go for a walk through the empty streets. Tell the others to do so on their own and find some adventure. Your experiences are highly individual will be the topic of many conversations later.

4. Smiling: Do not go to work grouchy. Your morning mood determines what will be the rest of the day. A positive attitude and relieves stress. Get up early, take a shower with your favorite music and drink your first cup of coffee. This little ritual will help you get to work more relaxed.

5. Rely on intuition: A new Israeli study has shown that people do not make mistakes in 90 percent of the time if your decisions are based only on instinct. Professor Marius Asher from Tel Aviv says that intuition is a powerful tool, because our brain has a system for the valuation and precise decision making.

6. Control reproductive health: Regular gynecological examinations are the best prevention of cervical cancer, because all premalignant changes can easily be detected and treated in time. Therefore it is important for women to go to dental checkups at least once a year, and the first is recommended immediately after entering into sexual relations.

7. Cash envelopes: For many uncontrollable spenders “cash system” is a smart choice. Stick labels on envelopes with the purpose assigned to them, and they provided the money goes for monthly spending. When the bill arrives, the appropriate amount of cash from an envelope to “retire”, and replaces it with a paid clip. When the envelope is empty spent the limit. If and when you leave, this money included in your “saved”.

8. Innovate in the marriage: And the marriage is worth fighting for. On it should always be done and when the partners live harmoniously and without major conflicts. Surprise each other’s attention, be it a coffee in bed or a beautiful book. It is important to invest in mutual intimacy and sex should be high on your list of priorities.

9. Spend more time with children: Parents are under constant stress because they always have a little time for all the liabilities. Household, childcare, work, shopping … All require a lot of energy and time. But if you take the time for the kids hard work will pay off. Research suggests that kids spontaneously chat binds the parents more than the planned activities.

10. Be more efficient at work: Everyday rank the importance of the obligation. In the first place are the ones that no one but you can do it and that if they do not make the time, may jeopardize projects. Then record the ones you can do later, and finally, those that you can transfer to associates. In that order them to perform.

11. Refresh your house: Simple decor can make your room relaxing and soothing effect. Green is the color of nature and hope, resting your eyes and creates a relaxing atmosphere. If you combine it with the red, the result will be very stimulating. Green can bring a sense of liveliness and the darker the room, especially if you combine medium and darker shades of light yellow. Green also if you want to enter the spirit of nature into your home.

12. Get rid of negative thoughts: Frequent negative thoughts burdening us to the point of spoiling the quality of life and threaten the mental and physical health, say psychologists. Therefore, it is important to master the mechanism of “cleansing” the brain of negative thoughts, and one of the effective ways is to write them down on paper and trash. The technique can be applied several times a day.

13. Make your plans: “I’d love to go to the pool …” Get it! Do not be down and wait for better times, or another friend to join you. Enter the small joys in your life.

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