For the lazy: 10 tips for staying healthy

nemke November 11, 2012 1

Sometimes it seems to be a healthy and active lifestyle takes a lot of effort. However, there are activities that do not require a lot of effort and time, and provide excellent results and make you healthy and vital. They are specially designed for lazy people who find it difficult to find excuses in order not to practice.

Everyday training
While many of us believe that we need to look for a good workout at the gym several hours, experts say that less time is enough. Make physical activity a part of your routine. Daily movement has more impact than sporadically active workout at the fitness center. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, after lunch, go for a short walk and do not avoid housework.

Weekend cooking
Replace fast food meals. Considering that during the week you do not have time for the daily preparation of food, it is best to do on weekend. Cook larger quantities to make use of the work week. It is understood that preparing healthy foods and healthy eating to be fruits and vegetables.

Get a pet
Studies show that animals in the home has a positive effect on your blood pressure, increases your ability to deal with life’s problems and reduces stress levels. Pet positive effect on your physical and mental health and also encourages you to be physically active.

Practice with TV
You do not have to apply demanding exercise, it is enough to occasionally get up from a chair or bed. Interestingly, research shows that even “squirming” when watching your favorite content burns 350 calories.

Solve crosswords, read books, try to be mentally active. Devote free time interesting puzzles, whose regular solution reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Eat slowly
Will avoid overeating, and do the right thing for your digestive system.

Fruits and vegetables
When you opt for home delivery food should be among the orders fruits and vegetables. Many Caterers are included in its offer healthy foods. If you go to the store takes a lot of time, some others will do it for you.

Dance in clubs
Make your nights out and visit the clubs are filled with dancing. Practitioner, and you do not feel like doing it, with it, you will be great fun.

Use supplements
Use supplements in your diet, when dieting, use supplements, such as vitamin complex, bee pollen and spirulina reimbursed by the energy and keep your health.

Get enough sleep
This will easily fall inert. Eight hours of sleep reduces the risk of heart disease, preserve memory, prolongs life, reduces stress and anxiety.

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  1. November 14, 2012 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    I find that getting enough sleep and eating right are 2 essential keys in getting exercise because after all, you need to get energy from somewhere right? If you eat carbs all day, it’s likely that you will be too sleepy to workout. Fiber is key!

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