10 reasons that are crucial for the look of your skin

nemke October 16, 2012 0

There are habits that violate the most beautiful looking skin. Therefore, it is important to discover the main culprits of bad complexion and activities that must be avoided in the future.

The shower with hot water.
While bathing relaxing effect on the skin, too much hot water can make it dry. Instead of boiling, take a shower with warm water.

Not enough informed how sex affects on the face.
Endorphins whose creation causes sexual pleasure or sexual fantasy, increasing the amount of collagen and elasticity. Many women are not familiar with how sex affects their appearance.

Use bad cosmetic product.
A couple of weeks it takes to a cosmetic product exhibits its effect. Women are often impatient and changing face-cream, which is very damaging skin. It is best to give enough time to begin preparations old act, while the inclusion of new’re very careful.

Smoking and drinking alcohol?
Always say no to a cocktail before bed. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and impedes regeneration at night. Smoking is also a major enemy of good looks, accelerates aging and reduces blood flow.

Do rougher skin peel.
Did you know that a cup of salt used to pull the tattoos? Always choose a lighter peel funds and apply them once a week.

Physical activity.
A few hours a week in the gym can do amazing things for your skin. Exercise increases blood flow and makes your skin glow. Sweating helps the body get rid of toxins. It is advisable to pre-and post-workout take a shower in order not to create derivative pimples on the skin.

Suffering from sugar?
Leave the chocolate and will avoid wrinkles. Excess sugar reduces the elasticity of the skin, but the culprits were not just sweets ugly complexion. Carbohydrates from potatoes, pasta and bread are quickly converted to sugar.

Do not use sunscreen.
Although heard many times that they have to smear a face cream with SPF, many women do not follow the advice of experts.

Sleep on cotton bedding pillow?
Thanks to its smooth fiber, silk is often considered to be gentler to the hair and the face of cotton. Prevents dehydration and makes you feel awesome.

Do not visit a dermatologist?
Parents tell children about the importance of visiting the dentist, but they do not talk about it and have to go to skin doctor. Dermatologists can detect damage to the skin that you can not see with the naked eye and you determine adequate funding for face.

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