5 Tricks To Quickly Lift The Mood

nemke November 24, 2012 0

To successfully resist an bad mood that carries the gloomy autumn weather, apply the simple tricks that will boost your energy, awaken the body and give elan.

Stretch and touch the sky
Stand up, look at the ceiling and stretch your arms extending fingers. This is an easy way to stimulate circulation and deliver oxygen to all the blood cells. And do not forget to smile that will run processes in the brain in a good mood, “says Kimberly Willis, author of” Techniques to help you stay slim and vital. “

Be imaginative
The day is hectic and stressful, and you long for a relaxing beach holiday. Booking will save and go right there. “Your brain reacts the same way when he imagines an ideal beach holiday, as it’s really there,” says George Pratt, author of “Code of joy.” So close your eyes and focus on the smells, sights and tastes of exotic places you’ve escaped for a moment.

Snacks with carbohydrates
To increase new serotonin soothing effect on the brain eat snacks rich in carbohydrates. So try healthy oatmeal with fruit or jam and you will instantly “get wings.”

Wear something light
Change the dressing room one dark autumn shades lighter or enrich gray and black shirts with color accents-advised Jennifer Baumgartner, a psychologist and author of “You are what you wear.”¬†Bright shades of red, pink and yellow best stimulate the brain.

Try acupressure
A quick way to beat the bad mood is acupressure. Grasp the skin between thumb and forefinger with the thumb and gently massage in a circular motion for a minute. Then repeat on the other hand. Acupressure helps to release tension in your body.

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