Top 10 Ways to Instantly Cure Depression

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Causes of Depression

There are very few people, if any at all, who go through their lifetime without a bout or two with depression. Many people will struggle with this debilitating state off and on for their entire life. It can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Many deal with depression because of trying circumstances in their life and some tend to combat it because of a genetic predisposition. Depression can cause many other adverse reactions such as insomnia, extreme sadness, and feelings of guilt of helplessness, lack of an ability to concentrate or a lack of appetite. And many people will begin to feel like death is simply a means to peace.

Generally, those who experience being depressed will lose interest in the types of things that usually bring enjoyment. It is normal for individuals to occasionally experience a short bout with this condition. But if it goes much longer than a day or two it may be time for outside, professional help.

Before you run to do a Google search to find a psychiatrist, there are some things that you can do yourself. There are some natural and instant cures that you can use instead of popping the latest experimental pill. Listed below please find the top ten ways to instantly cure depression.

1. Soak up Some Sun

There have been many studies to find out how the lack of natural sunshine affects those who live in areas where it is dark for days on end. Many suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. It stands to reason then, that when you are dealing with depression you can expose yourself to some sunlight for an immediate picker upper. Spending just a few minutes outside in the sunlight can rejuvenate you as you reap the mental health benefits. Don’t spend too long in the sun without protecting the skin. Just a quick, brisk walk outside can lift the spirits instantly.

2. Memorize Something New

It will not matter too much what you choose to memorize. It can be a poem, a scripture or a series of inspirational sayings or just something you think is interesting or cool. It will accomplish two things. For one it will allow you to have a sense of accomplishment and the second it will totally occupy your mind for a few minutes and get it off the things that you were finding depressing.

3. Choose A Time

This sounds really funny in a way, but it actually works for many people. Simply set a time to deal with your problems. Say it’s Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. Then when depressing thoughts or troubles come to your mind tell yourself that you will deal with it on Thursday at the appointed time. Start a list of “things to deal with” for your meeting with yourself on Thursdays. Then you can “deal” with all your problems for an hour one day a week. Chances are when Thursday comes around and it is time to deal with the saved up troubles, they will not be as significant and you will have put them away so that you were not depressed in the process.

4. Start a New Hobby

It can even be therapeutic to think about starting a new hobby or developing a new interest. It can be very satisfying to work on something new and it can occupy the mind. Start a garden, learn a new sport or take up cooking. It can be something as simple as photography or as complicated as computer programming. Take the opportunity to start looking for a new hobby.

5. Get Outside Your Box

Go do something for someone else. Almost all cities have a soup kitchen, what an opportunity to get out of the house and make a difference in someone else’s life. It will also help you gain perspective on your own. You can also make up baskets of snacks and set them in ICU waiting rooms of local hospitals. Find somewhere to volunteer your time on another’s behalf.

6. Spend time with others on purpose

Get out and learn a new sport, go to the gym and shoot some hoops or call a friend to go for a walk in the park. Instead of waiting for your friends to call you – call them and make time to spend with your friends.

7. Change your sleep habits

Depression can cause you to sleep too much, so much in fact that it can be debilitating and interrupt your daily life. Try getting up one hour earlier in the morning then use the time constructively. Read the paper, practice an instrument, or straighten up your house. You will probably need to go to sleep at night a little earlier to compensate but getting up earlier can be a great solution.

8. Smile


That’s it – just smile. It will give you an instant face lift and heart lift. And if you smile enough when it does not make sense to your brain, it may make you laugh at yourself. Mission accomplished!

9. Laugh


Of course it’s not normal to think about smiling or laughing when you are battling with depression. But when you start sinking into the dark cloud, try finding something to make you laugh. Put in your favorite funny movie, find joke pages in magazines or look at the comics in the newspaper. Laughter is an effective anti-depressant.

10. Exercise

Working out can have more than just physical benefits. Getting up off the couch and heading out the door for a brisk walk or a nice jog can break the depression off. Running releases a chemical in the body called endorphins. Biking and other vigorous exercise can have the same effect. Hiking can also have a similar effect. Get up and get out and move! Play some basketball or anything you enjoy that will get the blood pumping through your body. It will give you a boost of energy and many added health benefits that will equip you to battle depression instantly.

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