10 Efficient Diet Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Jyotsna March 1, 2012 1

For all those who are looking how to lose weight fast, we often have a standard question- what is the healthiest possible way to shed the extra pounds? well, the first thing we need to understand is that neither will a crash diet do wonders for you and nor will excessive exercise. Our body requires adjusting to slow changes …be that in terms of exercise or food.


Let’s take an example, if you are someone who’s never exercised much or gone for jogs…. you should not push your body into jogging or running on the treadmill. What will happen is that you might injure yourself…and at the end you will be de-motivated & disheartened. it is the same scenario with all those who suddenly start diet plans & begin starving their bodies. A diet that severely restricts your calorie intake or tells you what type of food you are ‘allowed’ to eat can actually lead to a nutrient & vitamin deficiency in your body. We recommend that if you wish to shed pounds, be fitter and lose weight in a healthy manner, eat in moderation & exercise in moderation as well.

Our bodies use food to create energy. All the excess energy is stored as fat within the body. This simply means that if you’re eating more than the body requires for all the daily activities as well as cell maintenance, then you will end up gaining weight. In order to shed weight, one needs to bring his/her body to effectively use up fat stores. So what are the most efficient ways to shed pounds?

  • Increase the level of activity in your routine
  • Reduce the calorie intake in your food

We have chalked out ten no-nonsense tips that will help you shed weight fast and in a healthy manner:

1) It is important that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses full of water every day. Drinking water will help flush out all the fat & impurities from your body. If you feel that you cannot drink 10 glasses of water, then you could substitute the water for herbal or even green tea.

2) It is a myth that if you cut down tremendously on your food intake, you will lose weight. What must ideally be done is that one should break up his/her meals into five or six small meals. Smaller meals will help in speeding up the body’s metabolism. Also, you won’t feel hungry or get cravings for food.

3) Vitamins are very good for the body, so increase your intake of vegetables & fruits as they are rich in vitamins.

4) Try to decrease the intake of fat – nothing more than 20 grams/day.

5) Physical activity is a MUST if you wish to be healthy & fit. Therefore, make sure you take out 30 minutes every day to exercise – be that taking a walk, playing a sport or just simply walking your dog! Get moving!

6) Keeping your brain occupied helps to reduce cravings for food….so pick a hobby – go ahead and learn how to play an instrument, take up painting or knitting.

7)  Late night snacking is a huge problem! Try and not eat anything for a minimum of two hours before you get in bed.

8 ) We MUST learn to listen to & understand our bodies. Our bodies actually tell us when it’s full, tired, hungry or stressed! So learn to read such signs… obey whatever your body’s telling you.

9) Increasing the intake of fiber really helps. We recommend you choose bread or whole grain pasta.

10) Cleansing and detoxification is very important. One must rid the body of all harmful chemicals & toxins. This will help the body to function normally.

Whenever you talk of long-term loss of weight, cleansing’s undoubtedly the most important thing. The body is laden with lead, insecticides, pesticides, and tons substances that are harmful. Such chemicals clog the internal organs…the body then responds by actually coating such chemicals with fat- layers of nothing but fat! When we talk of cleansing, one of the best ways to clean impurities is to use Acai Berry.  It’s a nutritional powerhouse, gets the body to function normally, and helps fight disease & illness. Furthermore, it helps the body in burning calories faster & more efficiently. Some of the health benefits of Acai berry are increased circulation, mental clarity & focus, as well as increased metabolism.

Your diet is very important…be that the things you eat or drink…how much of what you eat and drink…how often do you eat and drink! When making efforts towards shedding weight, concentrate on all these parameters. Here are a few changes that you should make and which will definitely help you:

  • Firstly, replace the fruit cordials & fizzy drinks with water.
  • Replace whole milk with semi-skimmed milk or even better- replace the semi-skimmed milk with skimmed milk.
  • Try & eat lesser at lunch than you usually do. You could make sandwiches for yourself and make sure you limit how much butter, margarine or full-fat mayonnaise you use. Try & avoid sandwiches you get at stores as they often have too much of both.
  • Start taking your coffee & tea without sugar.
  • All fatty food should be eaten in smaller portions, but remember don’t give up completely on the food you love eating!
  • You should avoid taking a 2nd helping during dinner time.
  • As difficult as this may sound, but you must reduce eating the unhealthy treats – be that crisps, confectionery, or sugary biscuits between meals.
  • For all those who drink alcohol, cut down!


Small changes such as these will help bring positive changes in your life. One of the most important things is to never skip breakfast…in fact don’t skip any of your meals when trying to shed weight. Skipping meals reduces the calorie intake, but it leaves you feeling hungry and the cravings for food later on will push you to over-eat.

Nothing trips up diet faster than skipping your meals! When you stay hungry, you are forcing your body to go into what we call the ‘starvation mode’ wherein you push the body to hold on to weight which you are trying to lose. At a time such as this, your body will retain the fat as the protective measure.

Another change that will help you to eat healthier is to start reading food labels. Understanding a food label is easy, yet it is critical, and a skill when you are trying to lose weight in a healthy manner. a food label can help you in understanding how many calories you will consume if you eat an ‘XYZ’ portion of that food item, it will also help you in figuring out what serving size should be eaten….you could also compare labels which will help you when you wish to make an informed choice in food!

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